Thursday, July 23, 2009

Spongebob Bash!

This past weekend Nickelodeon was hosting a Spongebob SquarePants bash where they were going to air 10 brand new episodes to celebrate 10 years of being on the air. So we decided to have a Spongebob bash with games and activitys all assoicated with Spongebob.

You can't have a Spongebob party with out the guest of honor.

The boys with their Spongebob gear getting ready to get this party started.

One of Spongebobs favorite things to do is blow bubbles.

What a cute Daddy!

Spongebob and Patrick love to go Jelly fishing so we played pin the jelly fish on the net!

After some of our games we sat down to color some pictures of Spongebob and Patrick and then pulled our mattress in to the family room so we could campout and watch the Spongebob bash. When the clock struck 7:00 we had ice cream sundays (Spongebobs favorite food) and setted in for the 10 new eposiodes. Needless to say it was simple little activites but the boys had fun and that is what we wanted was for them to enjoy it in a fun way rather than just watching it, we made an event out of it.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mama Called the Dr. & the Dr. said...

So we had a little accident today. While rough housing with his brother today Andrew had a run in with the corner of the wall where the metal flashing is underneath the drywall and had to make a trip to the ER for stitches.

I was really blessed that this accident happened at the end of a play date with a friend right before she left. So when it happened and we realized he would need to go to the ER she took my other two boys home with her. You know these head wounds always seem to pour blood. If you look closely at Andrews shirt the large dark spot down the front is all blood. I was wearing a white shirt and was soaked in blood. So because I had used a tie to secure an ice pack wrapped in a towel to stop the bleeding and I was covered in blood, the minute we walked in the ER they took us right back and sent someone to come and admit us while the got to work on Andrew.

Now Andrew did not need this head bandage after they stitched him up but while he had a different on earlier to stop the bleeding he asked if he could go home with one on because it made him feel like a pirate. Silly boy! He was however very brave, before we got to the ER he was scared that it would hurt to have stitches but we said a prayer that he would have peace and that the spirit would be with him during his trip to the hospital. Afterward he said that our prayer was answered because he wasn't scared. I'm grateful that he is okay and that I was able to use this situation to teach my kids on how important it is to pray always.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Let Freedom Ring!

We had a great 4th of July! We started off by attending a Tea Party in Gilbert, and it was really nice to see such a great turn out from both sides of the political parties. . The Tea Parties are away for Americans to peacefully protest all the Government spending, taxes and over all less Government in the free market. If you want to learn more about what a Tea Party is I recommend that you do some research and find out what it is. and over all just get your self more informed.

We ended up on the news last night showing us with our signs protesting. I haven't seen it yet but my brother called to tell me he saw our family on the news.

Here's the boys holding there signs. We had a family home evening lesson earlier that week to let our kids know what and why were going to the Tea Party. I think it is very important for us to teach our children true history and patriotism. I'm just glad to have these chances to teach our children that if you don't like what's going on to speak up and do something about is. So many people are so apathetic that they don't like what's going on but just end up burying there heads in the sand.

Here's our friends Mark and Janette Duffin who went with us to the Tea Party and afterward we went back to our house for a brunch.

Some of the main stream media will have people believe that not very many people show up to these Tea Parties. But I can tell you from experience they are wrong it was a great turn out. There's a moment happening and the media just wants to down play it.

Here's my brother filming some of the Tea Party to put on You Tube as a way to create at more awareness. In our family we have never sat by and just talked politics we get involved and I'm grateful for parents who instilled in us while we were young what it means to be an American and grateful for this country that our Heavenly Father had preordained so he could bring about is restored gospel. Now it our turn to maintain those freedoms so many Americans died for.

After our protest and brunch with the Duffins we went and took the kids to see Ice Age 3. It was cute and the kids enjoyed it. We then headed over to my brothers house for a BBQ.

Hunter took this picture of Kevin and I. He did a good job for being only 5 years old!

Here's one Andrews picture of us which should of been a sweet picture but Hunter jumped in at last second and Kevin gave me the bunny ears. But that's what life is all about having fun!

My boys!

Before we went to go see fireworks we let the kids throw poppers on the ground. There boys they loved it!

So finally we ended that night with going to Schnepf Farms for an awesome display of fire works!

Happy 4th of July everyone and remember to maintain the Independence we have now we must get involved in our local communities as well as our Government. If you want to get informed but not sure how or where to start check out my new blog at I will also post the link on this blog. This new blog is for people to get informed and ways to leave comments to help each other not as Republicans or Democrats but as Americans.