Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sledding in the snow...

To end our fun filled trip we played in the snow at the local resort in Williams!!!

Snow angels!!!

Hunter's snowman!!!

Andrews Snowman!!!

Parker's snowman!!!

After making snowman and angles we took the boys tubbing!!!
Here's Kevin and Parker heading down the big ramp!!!

Hunter heading down by himself!!!

Parker heading back up the top with his tube!!!

There goes Andrew!!!

My sweetie left me a little love note in the snow...

The Grand Canyon

The day after we went to the Polar Express we decided that since it was a 45 minutes drive we would take the boys to the Grand Canyon for the first time!!!

We were surprised that since it was Christmas break it was really crowded there!!!

It was so beautiful there!!!

So you can't take a bunch of boy to the Grand Canyon and not have them throw rocks into it!!!

Since it was cold out we took the shuttle bus from each look out was really nice it would drop you off and come back 15 minutes later to take you to the next part is it was free!!!

We really enjoyed it and plan on a camping trip with our good friends the Duffin's so we can hike to the bottom!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas part 2... The Polar Express!

The Monday after Christmas we headed up to Williams AZ. so the we could take the boys on the Polar Express!!!

The boys outside the train station as the Polar Expressed arrived!

All aboard and ready to go!!!

We were served yummy hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies made by Mrs. Clause!!!

Chef Caleb's favorite part of the book!!!

Tickets please!!!

After going through the "Time Warp" we made it to the North Pole...they made us turn the flash of our cameras so it's a little blurry!!!

If you can see him there's Santa waving from his sleigh!!!

While we were stopped at the North Pole Santa sneaked on the train and surprised the kids with a bell of their own!!!

The boys had a blast, it was so much fun and I'm so glad Santa invited us!!!