Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No Step Ladder Required

What more can I say! I think the picture say's it all. Except I do want to comment on how helpful my boys are to each other. More than once when Parker wanted to do something himself have I found Andrew and Hunter being human ladders for him. I think it is a sweet yet funny thing they do for each other!

Monday, February 23, 2009

My Sister!

Now we have grown and moved away
and leave our childhood behind,
will thoughts of special memories,
come often to your mind?

Will you remember giggling,
secrets that we shared,
the pillow fights and talks,
and things that made us scared?

Or what about our pulling hair,
or braiding it for each other,
will you still remember
all the things we did to our brothers?

Will at the little memories
hold a special place of their own?
The love we have for each other
is still the same now we are grown?

Our dreams may change,
and our lives go in different directions,
but the miles and years,
will not sever our connection.

Always remember that I love you,
think of me now and then,
the only thing that matters,
you're my sister, my best friend.

Happy Birthday Jenny!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentines Day

I just have to share how thoughtful my hubby is. Since we have been married we celebrate so many things so close together: My birthday 12-16, Christmas 12-25, Our Anniversary 1-15 and Valentines day 2-14, we decided on Valentines day to always keep the gifts simple. So Kevin got me this purse shaped box of chocolates. Now I know what your thinking chocolates on Valentines day "how original" if you take a closer look you will see that inside is a box and purse filled with chocolates and a little shoe box with chocolate shaped shoes. Now this is why my hubby is so thoughtful not only do I love chocolate but I also LOVE shoes and purses. I love Kevin and he has always done the simple little things that have shown me how well he knows and loves me. I could not ask for a better eternal companion. I love you Kevin " with all my heart"!

Friday, February 13, 2009


This picture is of my Grandma, Cathrine Marie Carr, taken in 1942. She was my mom's mother and loved it when we called her Grama. I recently started a family history scrapbook and have been collecting old pictures of my parents and their parents along with my husbands side of the family. I wanted something my kids could look back on and learn about where they came from.
My Grandma was an amazing women and a wonderful cook. I was told that I get my nose from her side of the family. She passed away about 15 years ago and when I was going threw the Temple to receive my own endowments before I got married my mom went threw for my Grandma. Even though it was only in spirit it was truly a special experience to share that day with her.
Well in 2007 my Grandpa passed away, so this last August my family was able to go to the temple and have my Grandparents sealed together and then my mom sealed to her parents. I am truly grateful for the Temples and sealing power to know that I will see her again.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Swing Set

So as most of you know Kevin and I had been praying whether or not to go back to school. Kevin's old job had him working all kinds of crazy hours and never really allowed time for school. Well in August we got our answer Kevin got an amazing job at with the Chandler School district which not only gives us great job security but also gives him the time needed to go back to school. So some more praying we decided it would be better for us to move out of our BIG house and move into student housing. In the process of downsizing we had to purge a lot of things like my living room couches and most sadly the boys back yard toys. We explained to them how this will be better for us to be close to school and daddy's work and that we couldn't take things like the trampoline or the swing set. I'm really proud of my boys because as we slowly gave away their back yard toys the never complained or cried. I think it helps the fact that our little student house opens up onto a great big green belt with a park 10 feet from our door. I think my kids see and understand the sacrifices we have been willing to make and blessings we have received in doing this and has made this transition much easier on all of us. We feel truly blessed at all the Lord has given us and look forward to this new chapter in our lives.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bed Time

Despite the fact that my kids have bunk beds every night when I pt them to bed they ask "can we sleep together." Even if I say "No" they still end up in one or the others bed. I don't know why I bother fighting it because they go to bed so much better for me when I let them sleep together. However Parker is not allowed to sleep with them because he always jumps on them. It is cute and sweet that they find comfort in each other.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl

How often does a wife have say to her husband you should turn on the game. Well in my house that is exactly what happened yesterday. For those who don't know Kevin likes sports but he has never been big on watching them. So when our oldest Andrew started talking about the Cardinals this and the Super bowl that, I said to Kevin you should watch it with him. So last night even though we don't watch TV on Sunday we turned on the game. Andrew was so cute and so convinced that the Cardinals were going to win especially in the last 2 minutes when they were up. But to his disappointment they did not. It was fun to watch the game and I suggested to Kevin that we needed to start taking the boys to see some games. And I know I am opening a can of worms but when you are out numbered in a house full of boys you can't fight the inevitable.