Saturday, February 20, 2010

Freestone Park!

A few Saturday's ago we took the kids to Freestone Park which is this beautiful park in Gilbert. There is tons of stuff to do and it is an amazing place to take pictures. The kids loved it and had so much fun!!!
This is us taking a train ride around the park!

Here's one of the many views at the park! Bye the way I don't know who that kid is!

The boys had a blast on the miniature wave runners!

The boys first Ferris Wheel ride! It was so adorable. They were all giggling and waving every time they would come down and rise back up!

My pictures of the boys on the carousel didn't really turn out but...
I love, love, love Carousels. I think they are gorgeous and so romantic. I really love King Authors Carousel at Disneyland. Fun fact did you know that motifs from Sleeping Beauty (my favorite Disney movie) were used in 1955 to replace elements of the carousel and that the Princess and Jester head motifs have been redone in 18k gold leaf!

In all it was a great day at the park and I look forward to returning and spending more time as a family there having fun and making memories!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day!

Growing up my Dad on Valentine's day would always buy my Mom a big bouquet of flowers than he would always buy my sister and I a rose. I loved getting a spacial Valentine from my Dad. Even though I don't have girls I have still wanted to carry on that tradition so we get our boys a little something special.

Since we have 8:00 church we decided not to make the kids wait and opened our presents to each other before we left. One of the things we did for the boys was in their little gift bag we put popcorn cups with their favorite movie candy. When they pulled the cups out we told them that we were taking them to the movies tomorrow (since there's no work or school)

If you couldn't guess the movie we are taking them to is Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

So Kevin being a big Lego fan obviously got more Legos from me which he loved!

Kevin asked me what I wanted and I told him that I really wanted a new book to read. He tought I was crazy for just wanting a book so he also got me a pedicure. Love him! He did take the boys out to buy me flowers while I was getting my pedi and the boys picked out the little devil bear pictured above. I thought I was really cute and sweet of them. They asked me if I was going to sleep with it at night!

We started our Valenitnes day yesterday by going to dinner and then to the Temple. I love my husband and boys so much and if there is one thing I want to teach my kids and to learn from all of the flowers and gifts is to be like their Daddy who is thought full and sweet and surprises me year round, not just on Valentines day! I want my boys when they are older to treat their wives the way that my Dad treated my Mom and the way that Kevin treats me!
I love you Kevin, Happy Valentines day!