Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh I wish I were a Fish!

So we took the boys swimming today for the first time this summer. My kids take after me I was and still am a fish out of water. I have always loved the beach and swimming, surfing any thing to do with water and I'm there. I love that my kids have never been scared of the water in fact they never wanted us to hold them when they babies (that's why they have life jackets on).

Here's Andrew feet in the air as he is diving in. We taught him how to swim when he was 3 and by the end of that summer he was diving in all by himself!

Hunter had a near drowning when he was 2 because he jumped in the pool without his floaties on and had only been comfortable swimming with a life jacket but today he finally let us start teaching him how to swim. Hopefully by the end of summer he'll be jumping in without his life jacket.

Parker is so funny this is him jumping in with his water board. He never wants us near him he says "I can do it by myself". He saw us teaching Hunter and decided he want his life jacket off too. So we took it off and tried to jump in and I had to catch him and he said " see I can do it" No Parker you can't Mommy had to catch you!

Like I said I love to swim and it's only fitting that Kevin and I met at a young adult pool party. He saw me for the first time and wanted to come over and talk to me in the pool. He had a kick board and when he approached me he stuck it under his foot and it shot out and hit me in the head. So the first thing he ever said to me was "I'm sorry". But now almost 10 years later every time we go swimming he try's to recreate that special moment and hit me in the head with a kick board. My kids know the story and they think its funny so they try to do it as well. Oh well I don't mind I think it's kind of cute! So here's to many more sun burns and head bumps this summer!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend!

We had a nice Memorial day weekend filled with birthday party's, root canals and spending time with our good friends Mark and Janette Duffin and their 2 little boys Kayden and Gavin. I just want to say that we LOVE! the Duffins. I met Janette my very first Sunday we moved to Arizona in the mother's lounge at church and it was her first Sunday back after having Kayden.
You know how when women hit it off and say we should get together with our husbands and they don't hit it off we'll that's not what happened with us, five years later we still love getting together as a group. Over the last five years we have spent Holidays together helped each other move, been there for each other's babies being born they are our best friends and agian we love them. So after all that ranting we had a nice Memorial day breakfast with them and our husbands are planning on seeing G.I Joe togehter when it comes out. So all in all I feel truly blessed to have thm in our lives and meeting them when we first moved here made our moveto Arizona that much easier!

P.S. As you can see in the picture Kevin is holding their youngest Gavin and our 3 boys are sitting next to Mark. What a perfect match that they have boys the same age as our boys!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Summer Time!

School's out and summer is here! One of the things I love about the summers in Arizona is they have these really awesome free splash parks all over. They have big toys to run and play on with water coming out and up from every where. Since today was the boys first day of summer Kevin and I with some friends went to the San Tan outdoor mall to play at the little splash pad they have here. The boys had a blast getting wet and playing with friends and after wards we went out to lunch. It was a nice day and a great way to kick off the summer!

Here's Andrew, Hunter and Parker getting nice and wet!

Parker insisted that he would stay warmer wearing a wet tee shirt than taking it off and wrapping up in a towel!

This was the best close up of them playing I could get without actually getting in the water!

Our friend Kristi brought water guns which was a great idea the kids had fun squirting us!

Here's Andrew right before he attacks Kevin with heavy water fire!

Hunter all bundled up and ready to go home, unlike Parker he is warmer because he took off his wet shirt!
We had fun and look forward to having a great fun summer!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Field Trip!

In the past I have always gone on Andrew's class field trips to the Zoo, the Dairy Farm, and a museum. So I was excited to go with Hunter on his very first field trip with his preschool class. His teacher Kristi is a friend of mine and he is the only boy in his small class of 3. So today for his field trip we went to the movies to see Monster's vs Aliens. It was a cute movie and the kids seemed to really like it and had fun.

On the car ride home we had the following conversation:

Mommy: Hunter did you have fun?

Hunter: NO!

Mommy: Why not?

Hunter: Because a field trip means you go to a field and see animals, all we did was go to the movies!

Now in his defense he had gone with me to Andrew's field trip to the Zoo and the Dairy Farm so I can understand why he thought he was going to see some animals and was disappointed when he didn't. Needless to say that's how Hunter is he gets an idea in his head and next thing you know we are confused to why he is so upset, but he always comes around after we have figured it out and can explain it to him, like today after I explained what a field trip really is he decided he did have fun after all.

I really enjoy being able to be with my kids for their class trips I hope it makes a good memory for them as well as for me.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Insert Coin... Where?

So this Mother's day weekend was great and very eventful for us. Kevin had a math final Saturday night so he took the night off of work and we decided to go to lunch and a movie before his final. We dropped the boys off at my brother's and had our little date, it was great we went and saw Star Trek (my choice) and it was awesome then we went to Sweet Tomatoes for a light lunch. The day was going great and we had decided after Kevin's final that night we would do a family movie night since he isn't home at nights. Kevin calls me about 6:30 and tells me he's on his way and to get everything ready.

At 7:00 pm Hunter and Parker are back at my brother's house and Kevin and I are in the ER with Andrew who swallowed a penny. It's usually not that big a deal to swallow a penny, in a few days it usually comes out. Well we spent the next two days in the hospital with him due to complications and a viral infection on top of it.

Sunday morning the nurses asked him if he knew what day it was and he could hardly talk he was in a lot of pain, so he nodded his head yes. When they left his room it was just me and him and he turned to me and quietly said Happy Mother's Day. It was so sweet and I couldn't help but cry cause I knew how much it hurt him to say it. It moments like this that make me a mother and I love being a mother, I love my children and all the joy they bring me.

Andrew is home now and resting. The penny is still there and in a few days we will go back for more x-rays. If it has not moved from his stomach they will have to remove it. So just pray he can pass it naturally. I just want to thank everyone who helped us through this. I'm grateful for family that I can count on who watched my other children while we were with Andrew. From one mother to another thank you Laura. And I'm grateful for my loving husband who holds the priesthood and is a great father and husband. Most importantly I'm so grateful for the Lord entrusting me with 3 of his precious children to raise.