Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Hunter!

6 years ago on September 24th our Hunter was born. For those of you who don't know about our little Hunter he was born with breathing problems and almost didn't make right after delivery. For the first year of his life he had several touch and go moments where we thought he might not live. He did an out patient care with is Dr. everyday for the first 6 months and than from there every week until he turned 12 months old. He was on 5 medications and had to sleep in a bouncy seat in order to keep his lungs more elevated so he could breath better. He has had surgery's and seen several different specialist (and still does) but despite all of that and more he has always been a fighter and has such a strong personality and you would never know that he has had so many health problems, he has never let any of it hold him back.

And now with most of his health problems behind us (I hope) we are so happy and feel so grateful to celebrate his 6th birthday. This little boy has brought us so much joy and adds so much personality to our family and with that said I wish my Hunter a very Happy Birthday!

Hunter has been counting down his Birthday since August. He asked me to make him a paper chain link count down till his birthday. Every morning he would count how many were left and than announce it to everyone he saw on how many days left!

I grew up in family where we would wrap birthday and Christmas presents with the idea of tricking each other so we couldn't guess what was in it. My little brother one Christmas wrapped my mom's present strapped to his boot. That was the best one yet in our family. I used some shoe boxes to wrap Hunter's presents in so we could try and trick him.

Hunter and his daddy putting together his Bionicles, which are the alien type legos you build. He said that was all he wanted was Bionicles. In fact he made a birthday wish list and than asked me if he could pray to Heavenly Father to get every thing on his list. We had to tell him that prayer doesn't work that way, but at least he has the faith that his prayers would be answered.

Hunter wanted doughnuts for breakfast, and since Kevin has to work nights and would miss the Birthday cake we put the candles in the doughnuts and sang happy birthday to him at breakfast!

I got to go take cupcakes to his class on Thursday. He is just like his Daddy who doesn't like being sung too. Hunter covered his ears while his class sang happy birthday to him!

Hunter and his Spider-man cupcakes!

Yesterday we had a birthday party for him and our friends let us borrow their big water slide for the party. The kids had a blast on it.

This is Hunter and my niece Ginger, she was born 6 weeks after him and people always asked if they were twins because they have always looked like they could be brother and sister and only being 6 weeks apart they look like twins.

Here's Hunter opening his presents, I tried to get better pictures but I got mauled by all the kids surrounding him. He had a fun birthday weekend and I'm so grateful for all the family and friends that where able to share it with him. I'm so grateful to the Lord that we have had 6 happy years with him an many more to come! We love you Hunter!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Last week we went to a Luau here at the ASU campus. It was a lot of fun they had great food and awesome dancers. They put this luau on every year to kick off the new school year. Our ward is completly made up of the family housing here on campus so we had a good turn out with lots of friends.

Hunter had a run in with another kids knee on a slipslide. This was taken the day it happened and by the next day his eye was even darker and almost swollen shut. We were at a party when it happened and people asked him what happened and he thought it was funny to say "Mommy hit me" he thinks it's funny to ask me all the time if I would hit him and when I tell him NO he says "Darn it" little stinker.

Parker wants to wear these glasses every. He got them from a 3D movie and thinks they are his sunglasses.

My sweet boy!

I woke up the other morning and found this Lego love you note from Kevin on our dresser. He is so sweet he always finds cute ways to leave me love notes, he has since we were first married.