Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ward Campout!

This past weekend we went up to Payson for our Ward camp out!
The place was beautiful and the weather was perfect!

Family shot!

Within minutes after arriving the boys are already exploring!

This also happened to be Hunter's 7th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Hunter!

Hunter had to bring his new knight armor he got for his b-day!
CJ who is standing right behind him wanted to play with it every chance he got! So CJ's mom asked Hunter if she could pay him a $1 to let CJ play with it...Hunter's answer: SWEET I just rented my toys!!!

The boys found Willy Wonka's chocolate river! However nobody was willing to take a sip!

My friend Liz and I!

Me and my cutie!

Bed time!!!

Everyone at the camp fire getting ready for breakfast!

What happens at the Ward camp out stays on the Ward camp out!!!
(Inside joke...she's drinking cream soda)

Eating breakfast with great friends in the great outdoors!

Sitting by the fire drinking hot chocolate...Yum!

The cooks!

My love and I

Everyone heading on a short hike to the creek!

Once at the creek we watched as the Dad's and kids threw big stones in the water!

Andrew my little Cub Scout had a great time playing with friends and passing stuff off in his Bear book!

Hunter and Parker trying to crack open rocks to find crystals???

Andrew and Ben the only 2 Cub Scouts!

Group shot!

It's time to go home and we have CJ our stow a way!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hunter's Star Wars Party!

All the Jedi Knights with their dollar store light sabers...getting ready for Hunter's 7th Star Wars birthday party to begin!
Most of the light sabers were broken by the end of the party...but they sure had fun breaking them!

Clone Trooper Hunter with his buddy Obi Wan Kayden!

The kids trying to make a mad dash out the "closed door" to start their scavenger hunt to find the missing Pinata!

Now you can't have a Star Wars party without the Darth Vader pinata!

Go get him Hunter!!!

Candy! Candy! Candy!
I had premade goodie bags already in the pinata, because my big pet peeve is when some kids take more while others get less this way everyone can equally enjoy the pinata!

Hunter got a lot of presents so I decide to only post a few of my favorite pictures of him opening them!
If you look closely you can see that the black tissue paper is actually got captured being thrown over his head in his excitement to open his presents!

I really like his cute grin on this picture!

His birthday isn't till the 24th but we let him open 1 present from us early which was his Commander Fox Star Wars costume... if you couldn't already tell Hunter likes to dress up!

Look at this Clone Trooper cake Kevin did...Now I know what you all are thinking...we really should be on the Ultimate Cake off...right??? Maybe not! but for a bunch of 7 year olds this cake was all they needed!

Make a wish!

This picture was taken about the last half hour of Hunters party...where I found him sleeping on his bed while 15 kids where running loudly through the house! Poor kid ended up with a fever and spent the rest of the night sleeping:(

Happy Birthday my sweet 7 year old Clone Trooper!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Big Bang!!!

We recently had an experience where one of our kids was in a home of a friends where there was a gun left out that we didn't even know was in the home! Now nothing happened, Kevin and I have in the pass talked about gun safety with the boys...But after this had happened Kevin and his buddy Jason took the boys hiking and shooting!

With all the accidents happening with children and guns being carelessly left out and our own experience we had Jason do a big gun safety lesson with the boys!

So not only did they learn gun safety they were also able to see what really happens when a gun is fired. This is great if they are ever in a home again where a gun is found, it helps to take the curiosity out of it for children and replace it with the knowledge that is is a dangerous thing and not a toy! So many accidents happen with guns and kids because #1 the parents are careless and #2 kids are curious.

Besides all of that the boys and Kevin had a great time shooting and hiking!

On their outing Andrew was even able to earn his Cub Scout hiking belt loop and pass of some requirements in his Bear book!

Now that is one sexy guy!!!

Now don't get me wrong, I'm am all about our Constitutional rights to Bear Arms...but I believe that if you do then be responsible with your gun! And parents you don't have to take your kids shooting to teach them gun safety...but make sure you are talking with your kids on what happens if they are ever in home where there is a gun it is so important!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Everybody was Kung Fu fighting..."

It's official I now have 2 little Bruce Lee's in training!!!

So tonight my younger two boys went to their first Martial Arts class!

Now all they want to do is practice punching and kicking and really loud yells!!!

I told the boys that while they do Karate and practice they cannot practice on each other...So wish me luck as we embark on this newest adventure!