Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ward Campout!

This past weekend we went up to Payson for our Ward camp out!
The place was beautiful and the weather was perfect!

Family shot!

Within minutes after arriving the boys are already exploring!

This also happened to be Hunter's 7th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Hunter!

Hunter had to bring his new knight armor he got for his b-day!
CJ who is standing right behind him wanted to play with it every chance he got! So CJ's mom asked Hunter if she could pay him a $1 to let CJ play with it...Hunter's answer: SWEET I just rented my toys!!!

The boys found Willy Wonka's chocolate river! However nobody was willing to take a sip!

My friend Liz and I!

Me and my cutie!

Bed time!!!

Everyone at the camp fire getting ready for breakfast!

What happens at the Ward camp out stays on the Ward camp out!!!
(Inside joke...she's drinking cream soda)

Eating breakfast with great friends in the great outdoors!

Sitting by the fire drinking hot chocolate...Yum!

The cooks!

My love and I

Everyone heading on a short hike to the creek!

Once at the creek we watched as the Dad's and kids threw big stones in the water!

Andrew my little Cub Scout had a great time playing with friends and passing stuff off in his Bear book!

Hunter and Parker trying to crack open rocks to find crystals???

Andrew and Ben the only 2 Cub Scouts!

Group shot!

It's time to go home and we have CJ our stow a way!


The Fergy Bunch said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I love Hunters response to getting paid to let his friend play with his toy - classic Hunter! LOL

Anonymous said...

Looks like a beautiful area, glad you had fun! Love the cracking rocks for crystals. Too cute!