Monday, September 13, 2010

The Big Bang!!!

We recently had an experience where one of our kids was in a home of a friends where there was a gun left out that we didn't even know was in the home! Now nothing happened, Kevin and I have in the pass talked about gun safety with the boys...But after this had happened Kevin and his buddy Jason took the boys hiking and shooting!

With all the accidents happening with children and guns being carelessly left out and our own experience we had Jason do a big gun safety lesson with the boys!

So not only did they learn gun safety they were also able to see what really happens when a gun is fired. This is great if they are ever in a home again where a gun is found, it helps to take the curiosity out of it for children and replace it with the knowledge that is is a dangerous thing and not a toy! So many accidents happen with guns and kids because #1 the parents are careless and #2 kids are curious.

Besides all of that the boys and Kevin had a great time shooting and hiking!

On their outing Andrew was even able to earn his Cub Scout hiking belt loop and pass of some requirements in his Bear book!

Now that is one sexy guy!!!

Now don't get me wrong, I'm am all about our Constitutional rights to Bear Arms...but I believe that if you do then be responsible with your gun! And parents you don't have to take your kids shooting to teach them gun safety...but make sure you are talking with your kids on what happens if they are ever in home where there is a gun it is so important!


Anonymous said...

Glad nothing happened. So, sad when kids get curious and parents aren't super careful with their guns! What a fun outing for the boys, I'll bet they loved it!

Kristi said...

I love how you guys are such hands on teachers to your kids. I'm sure it's something they will never forget and have a positive memory of. I myself, sure I've shot a few guns in my time. I'm still terrified of them. When Mike was in the Academy, I told him that if he ever had to bring a gun home, I didn't want to know about it and I didn't ever want to see it.

The Fergy Bunch said...

What a scary situation. I'm glad the boys were safe and nothing happened. I think it's neat that you are so hands on with the kids. I hope they will always remember what they were taught.

Grama said...

Always made me nervous when your Dad would take your brothers shooting...even though they were learning gun safety...because I've always been so afraid of guns. But gun safety is really something important to teach kids. And your guys really had a good time, too!