Sunday, December 12, 2010

12k's of Christmas fun run!!!

Yesterday my friends Jen, Adria and I ran the 12k's of Christmas fun run out at Freestone park!
It was a blast seeing all the fun ways other runners dressed up...we opted for matching socks, black bottoms and white tanks!

At every mile they had carolers singing! It was so fun especially since we ran into one of our friends Stephanie who was a caroler with an amazing voice!

Every race I have done I have always been able to beat my time...however this time I was still under an hour and I only did 4 minutes slower than my last race but since I was still recovering from the gallbladder attack the night before I guess that wasn't to bad! Right?

Bye the way...girls don't sweat...they glisten!

After the race we ran into our friend Cassidy who was running the race also!

Last but not least our wonderful husbands who wait support us by waiting for us at the finish line while holding all our stuff!
Love ya Kevin!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Girls night!!!

Yesterday was NOT a perfect day for trying to lose weight I had more set backs than I would of liked but hey that's the long road we travel right? We have our good days and bad!

I had planned on going for a long run in the morning but Kevin and I ended u sleeping in! So when we woke up we had to run several errands like Grocery and Christmas shopping, so I said well I will go running when we are done with our errands! Well when we finished Kevin and the boys wanted to go to lunch at McDonald's and I was talked into trying a McRib! I don't think a McRib is all that great and probably had 500+ calories in it! By time we got home I was to full to want to run and I had BIG plans to go out with the gal pals!

Nona, Janette and I went out to celebrate mines and Nona's 30th birthday's! We went to dinner at Johnny Rockets and each had a yummy chocolate shake plus chili cheese fries!

After dinner we went and saw the new Harry Potter movie which was so good!

So after all the bad eating I did today the one good thing I did do was not get popcorn at the movies so that's my silver lining to my bad eating yet good day!