Friday, December 11, 2015


I believe that having family traditions is important. They are ways that bring families together and strengthen relationships. One of my favorite family traditions is to go see the play "A Christmas Carol" every year. This tradition was started with my grandparents and parents when they were newly weds. My family has gone every year for over the last 40 plus years. I loved going when I was younger and now I love sharing this tradition with my kids. They look forward to going every year too and I hope it's one of those traditions that will continue on. 

Thursday, December 3, 2015

School Event

My boys had their school Holidays Around the World event where each class put together different food, pictures, and reports from different countries and some of the holidays they celebrate. My boys were excited to show me what they worked on and the school did a great job there were was so much to see. I think it's important to go to events like this. As a family we need to show our support for each other it's one of those simple ways we build and strengthen our relationships. It also shows my children that I love them and care about they events and activities it hat are important to them.