Saturday, January 24, 2009

My broken hand!

So as most of you know that in October I broke my left hand for the second time last year. The first time was in May I got a boxer's fracture in a kick boxing class. Then in October I broke my finger in two places while trying to spank Parker, that's right I broke my hand spanking my child. Anyways I caught my hand on the kitchen counter as I was trying to swat his behind. Well my complaint is that now that it's better once in a while when the whether changes I will have some really bad pain in my hand and It really hurts and I just really want to complain right now cause it HURTS!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Future Missonaries!

So it's a new year in primary which started off with Parker becoming a Sunbeam. Let's just say he was not happy about it. I mean come on no toys & no snacks, who could blame the poor kid right. But he has a great teacher who I know will make this transition easy for him.
Hunter is now in CTR 6 which he was happy that his friend Russell from last year is in his class and to top off his excitement his friend Noah from preschool is now in his class. We are hoping for a better year with Hunter, he has two male teachers who are really good and we had our first week of him not being won't brought to us. It became a ritual that every time the door in Sunday School would open I kept thinking please not Hunter, so we are crossing our fingers and saying a prayer that he will have a better year this year.
Andrew is now in CTR 8 which he will be preparing for his baptism in August. We are really looking forward to this time and have decided to gear our family home evening lessons around baptism so Andrew will know and understand what an important covenant he will be making.
All my of my boys are good boys and have sweet spirits. I hope and pray that as they learn and grow at home and in church they will have the desire to be the kind of missionary there Daddy was. I could not ask for a better example to my children than that of there Daddy.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Andrew Soup!

Okay so I'm driving to Walmart with the kids and this is the conversation I over hear in the back of the car.

Andrew: "Hunter Mommy can't make glass for dinner"
Hunter: "Well Mommy can't make you for dinner"
Andrew: "Yeah! she can all's she has to do is cook me duh! And we could call it Andrew soup"

I wonder how many calorie are in Andrew Soup?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Temple Blessings!

They say when you go to the temple to do work for those that have passed on, that those spirits are invited to witness their temple work being done for them. Every month when Kevin & I go to the temple I pray before hand that I may feel the spirit of those I am there for. Two weeks ago Kevin & I were asked to do some family sealings. Being able to take part in the spiritual bond of these family who have passed on is always an incredible feeling.
Well yesterday we went to witness Kevin's brother Richard and his family have their adoptive children sealed to them. Not only did we get to witness the physical bond of this family we were all able to feel the spiritual bond that took place in that room yesterday.
I truly am grateful to have the power of the priesthood in my life, the power that heals the sick, gives comfort to those in need and binds family's together forever.