Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hunter's Star Wars Party!

All the Jedi Knights with their dollar store light sabers...getting ready for Hunter's 7th Star Wars birthday party to begin!
Most of the light sabers were broken by the end of the party...but they sure had fun breaking them!

Clone Trooper Hunter with his buddy Obi Wan Kayden!

The kids trying to make a mad dash out the "closed door" to start their scavenger hunt to find the missing Pinata!

Now you can't have a Star Wars party without the Darth Vader pinata!

Go get him Hunter!!!

Candy! Candy! Candy!
I had premade goodie bags already in the pinata, because my big pet peeve is when some kids take more while others get less this way everyone can equally enjoy the pinata!

Hunter got a lot of presents so I decide to only post a few of my favorite pictures of him opening them!
If you look closely you can see that the black tissue paper is actually got captured being thrown over his head in his excitement to open his presents!

I really like his cute grin on this picture!

His birthday isn't till the 24th but we let him open 1 present from us early which was his Commander Fox Star Wars costume... if you couldn't already tell Hunter likes to dress up!

Look at this Clone Trooper cake Kevin did...Now I know what you all are thinking...we really should be on the Ultimate Cake off...right??? Maybe not! but for a bunch of 7 year olds this cake was all they needed!

Make a wish!

This picture was taken about the last half hour of Hunters party...where I found him sleeping on his bed while 15 kids where running loudly through the house! Poor kid ended up with a fever and spent the rest of the night sleeping:(

Happy Birthday my sweet 7 year old Clone Trooper!!!


Anonymous said...

McKayla had so much fun coming and LOVES playing with her light saber! Poor guy, that's an awful way to end such a fun day! Hope he's feeling better! Happy Birthday Hunter!!!

The Fergy Bunch said...

Happy Birthday Hunter! Looks like an awesome party!

Grama said...

What a blast! Love the pictures! And tell Kevin I thought that cake was awesome!!! I'm sure the kids did too.

Clarissa B. said...

Hey Erin! I just found your blog, and I love it! I love your "Drab to Fab" posts! e-mail if you want to be added to our family blog,