Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh I wish I were a Fish!

So we took the boys swimming today for the first time this summer. My kids take after me I was and still am a fish out of water. I have always loved the beach and swimming, surfing any thing to do with water and I'm there. I love that my kids have never been scared of the water in fact they never wanted us to hold them when they babies (that's why they have life jackets on).

Here's Andrew feet in the air as he is diving in. We taught him how to swim when he was 3 and by the end of that summer he was diving in all by himself!

Hunter had a near drowning when he was 2 because he jumped in the pool without his floaties on and had only been comfortable swimming with a life jacket but today he finally let us start teaching him how to swim. Hopefully by the end of summer he'll be jumping in without his life jacket.

Parker is so funny this is him jumping in with his water board. He never wants us near him he says "I can do it by myself". He saw us teaching Hunter and decided he want his life jacket off too. So we took it off and tried to jump in and I had to catch him and he said " see I can do it" No Parker you can't Mommy had to catch you!

Like I said I love to swim and it's only fitting that Kevin and I met at a young adult pool party. He saw me for the first time and wanted to come over and talk to me in the pool. He had a kick board and when he approached me he stuck it under his foot and it shot out and hit me in the head. So the first thing he ever said to me was "I'm sorry". But now almost 10 years later every time we go swimming he try's to recreate that special moment and hit me in the head with a kick board. My kids know the story and they think its funny so they try to do it as well. Oh well I don't mind I think it's kind of cute! So here's to many more sun burns and head bumps this summer!


The Fergy Bunch said...

I love the pictures! Maybe you should wear a helmet when swimming with Kevin. LOL =)

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! McKayla's the same way, wants to be floating away on her own. Have a blast and good luck with the sunburns and bumps. =)

Tera said...

It's probably good you guys enjoy swimming so much with all that Arizona heat! I can't believe how young your boys are and that they can swim so well!

I just think it is great that you are surrounded by so many boys. It's like my brother Nate and his wife. They have four boys. It's got to be fun to have all of one gender!

Sunflourmom said...

I agree with Jen...maybe you should have a helmet!! lol Just love the pictures...can't wait until August!