Monday, February 9, 2009

The Swing Set

So as most of you know Kevin and I had been praying whether or not to go back to school. Kevin's old job had him working all kinds of crazy hours and never really allowed time for school. Well in August we got our answer Kevin got an amazing job at with the Chandler School district which not only gives us great job security but also gives him the time needed to go back to school. So some more praying we decided it would be better for us to move out of our BIG house and move into student housing. In the process of downsizing we had to purge a lot of things like my living room couches and most sadly the boys back yard toys. We explained to them how this will be better for us to be close to school and daddy's work and that we couldn't take things like the trampoline or the swing set. I'm really proud of my boys because as we slowly gave away their back yard toys the never complained or cried. I think it helps the fact that our little student house opens up onto a great big green belt with a park 10 feet from our door. I think my kids see and understand the sacrifices we have been willing to make and blessings we have received in doing this and has made this transition much easier on all of us. We feel truly blessed at all the Lord has given us and look forward to this new chapter in our lives.


The Fergy Bunch said...

What a cute picture! My kids are like that too. Every year we go through their clothes, toys, & dolls & see what we can give to Good Will so that someone else can enjoy the things they no longer do. They are always happy to help bag it up & are excited when dropping it off. I agree with you that we are teaching our children the importance of sacrifice and I know for my little family we have grown closer together. I'm proud of you & Kevin & I am very proud of my sweet nephews. I love & miss you all - a lot!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have very good reason to be proud! Way to go for you guys and good luck with the transition!! =)

Lechelle said...

Good luck with school, it will be worth it, but I know it has some sucky moments now.
You have such good boys!