Sunday, August 29, 2010

Family Visit!!!

We had a great visit with Kevin's parents, sister and 5 cousins this weekend!!!

The Twins
Andrew and his cousin Anthony were born 5 days apart...Andrew on the 5th and Anthony the 12th...thus came the nickname the Twins!

The Cap Crusaders
My boys like to take these blankets I made them and try them into caps...So when Keith and Dillon saw Parker with his on they had to have their blankets made into caps too!!!

It was so much fun watching them run around the house with their caps on!!!

7 kids camping out in one room...need I say more!!!

Baby Jasmine...isn't she a sweetheart!

My boys could not get enough of Jasmine!!!

Andrew especially...he just want to hold, feed her and play with her all the time!

The Wii...

Some sort of Dancing Game that was so fun to watch all the kids do!!!

Of course the older boys who were to Cool for dancing took their turn playing some battler games!!!

Dog pile!!!

These two had a blast together and it is so nice how close they are...that after 2 yrs apart it's like they hadn't even missed a beat!!!

So sad to go...
Andrew asked if he could see Anthony a lot when we go back to Cali. for Christmas...I think since both our parents live in Lancaster that Andrew could spend the nigh a few nights with his best bud!

Stow aways!!!

We all look forward to the next visit with the Westbergs at Christmas!
We really were sad to see them leave I'm so happy they could come and it was great watching all of the kids get together and play well with one another! And my poor niece even let me do her hair which I loved (seeing as I only have boys)!

More adventures await till next time...


Anonymous said...

Looks like such a blast! So nice to have family come out and visit. So, glad you had a great time!!

Grama said...

What a great time you must have had! Fun to see the pictures!