Monday, January 9, 2012

Homemade Snow Globes & Yummy Treats

I love giving and getting homemade gifts!!!

This year for Christmas Kevin, the boys and I made homemade snow globes to give to their teachers and a few of our family and friends!!!

We took the boys out to the store to pick out what little figures they wanted to use!!!

We used glitter and old Jam jars that we had been saving and created some really fun gifts that the boys were so excited to give out!!!

We have a family tradition where each of the boys get to pick one friend they want to add to the list of friends we deliver goodies while looking at Christmas lights! This year we made big batches of white chocolate peppermint covered popcorn it was easy and very YUMMY!!!


Anonymous said...

They're darling!!! I'm miffed... I'm family and I didn't get one. ;P White chocolate popcorn is soo YUMMY!! It's okay that you didn't share that, Santa brought us some! =D

Seriously those are way too cute!!

The Fergy Bunch said...

Looks very cute! I'm sure your family and friends enjoyed getting them.