Sunday, October 18, 2015

Our Eternal Families

I recently read a talk from Elder Robert D. Hales, “The Eternal Family” that I felt was really insightful.  In his talk he stated, “How we conduct ourselves in this life will determine what we will be in all the eternities to come. To receive the blessings of the sealing that our Heavenly Father has given to us, we have to keep the commandments and conduct ourselves in such a way that our families will want to live with us in the eternities. The family relationships we have here on this earth are important, but they are much more important for their effect on our families for generations in mortality and throughout all eternity...the plan of the Father is that family love and companionship will continue into the eternities. Being one in a family carries a great responsibility of caring, loving, lifting, and strengthening each member of the family so that all can righteously endure to the end in mortality and dwell together throughout eternity.” It is scary to think that if we do not conduct ourselves properly like Elder Hales said that our family members might not want to be with us in the next life. It made me think about my relationship with my kids and how I speak to them and treat them. I felt that this was really great counsel to not only teach our children and raise them in righteousness but to also build strong lasting relationships that will carry over into the eternities. I love my boys and want to be with them in the eternities. It's important for us to remember that this life is the time for us to not only prepare ourselves but our family members as well to live with God again. 

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