Thursday, June 23, 2016


"Commitment is a persevering, unwavering devotion that even death itself cannot sway, a loyal determination to fulfill what one has promised, and ever present "we-ness" that sustains a union through the years." In marriage we want to know and feel that our needs and wants will be met. More importantly though we want to feel secure in our relationships and that our commitment to each other will see us through both the good times and the bad times. 

"Commitment has this ideal thread of someone driven by desire and devotion... Obligation, responsibility, and dedication demand perseverance when a commitment has been made. Regardless of your obstacles, genuine commitment presses on." It's easy to stay committed to someone throughout the good and happy times. However many obstacles will happen over the course of our lives and marriages. It is through these bad times we can have our relationships and commitment to each other strengthened if both partners are willing to commit to each other and work hard in their relationship.

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