Monday, October 18, 2010

Time Out for Women day 2

Day 2 started out with breakfast at our hotel which was packed with all the other women how stayed there as well!
Funny thing:
With the hotel being full at breakfast the staff kept coming to refill the coffee machines but never found them empty!
Hum I wonder why?

My Mom and her Gal pals!

With 2,600 women + only 2 lines for lunch = us heading across the street to the Hard Rock Cafe!

Check out the awesome ceiling!

I guess it's the California Surfer in me that had to take a picture with the Beach Boys album!

Here are just a few of the Guest speakers and performers for Saturday!

Brad Wilcox

Mariama Kallon
Let me just tell you a little bit about her amazing conversion story:
She was raised in war-torn Sierra Leone, and saw many things as a young girl. She witnessed the violent murders of parents and siblings and spent her youth fleeing from rebels, she was introduced to the gospel and at one point was given a humanitarian kit by the Church, which became a treasured symbol of hope that she used to bless the lives of many as they again fled for their lives.
I highly recommend you learn more about her story as she is and amazing women who over came so much!

Mercy River was the performers for Saturday!
I had never heard them before but found them to be really and fun to listen to!

I'm grateful I had the opportunity to go and recommend that you look to see if you have a Time Out for Women in your area and really try to go you won't be disappointed!


Anonymous said...

It really was so awesome, hope we get to go again!

Grama said...

Fun times...great memories!

The Fergy Bunch said...

Glad you had fun!