Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween fun!

We had tons of fun over this past week with Halloween parties, carnivals and Trick or Treating!
This year I decided to make my kids costumes for the first time and I love the way they turned out!

Andrew as Harry Potter!

Hunter as a Knight!

Parker as a Dog!
This is the only costume I didn't make, Parker saw this at the Thrift store and begged to have it!

On October 29th 1999 Kevin asked me to marry him!
And guess what I said YES!!!

We started our Halloween festivities with the BOO BASH!

The boys playing pin the nose on the pumpkin!

The boys with our good friends the Duffins kids!

Us with our good friends the Duffins! We met them in our first ward when we first moved to Az.
We have have been good friends ever since! It's so nice to have boys the same age and to have them as our new neighbors! YEAH!!!

I think there is nothing sadder than a house wife who dies before she even got of her robe and curlers!

Bounce house after Bounce house...the boys had a blast!

The ASU football toss...Andrew loved this one and he has a good arm!

Andrew went up the rock wall and repealed down twice before most of the other kids even were half way up their first time!

Hunter made it only half way up but he did a great job trying!

Parker on the other hand only made it this far!

Now Daddy is going to show them how it's done!
I would of done the rock wall unfortunately my shoe choice for the evening (wedges) don't mix well with rock climbing!

Now you can't have Halloween with out carving Pumpkins!
The boys spent days drawing different pictures trying to pick the right one for their pumpkin!

After the pictures were pick Daddy helped carve them out!

The finished pumpkins!

We had a fun Halloween with the parties and Trick or Treating and spending time with friends and as a family!


The Fergy Bunch said...

Happy Halloween! Looks like you had a lot of fun. The kids costumes look great! =D

Grama said...

The costumes turned out great! And boy, they sure had lots of fun!!! I want a copy of that picture of you and Kevin.

Anonymous said...

Seriously so sad we missed the Boo Bash! Looks like such a blast! And those pumpkins look awesome!