Saturday, November 12, 2011

Family Bike Ride

We have been trying to teach Hunter how to ride a bike for a "VERY" long time! The reason being was we couldn't even get him on the bike. He had no interest and no desire to ride. As parents how do you teach a child to ride a bike when it's this painful experience that puts us all in tears!!!
Well I finally found a motivator for Hunter...his best bud Tristan is now riding a bike over to our house and yesterday Hunter asked us to teach him how to ride!!!

So we took him over to an empty parking lot on the ASU campus and no joke he got on...Kevin ran with him for a few seconds and he was off by himself...I barley had time to take pictures!!!

This cute little stinker after two years of trying to get him to ride his bike...learned in like 2 minutes and than we couldn't get him off!!!

We spent the rest of the afternoon riding bikes, exploring and having fun!!!

Parker rode most of the time with me on the hitch hiker we have attached to my bike! It helps teach him how to balance and petal!!!

Than Andrew wanted to get on it but he was a little to big!!!

Of course Kevin has his own bike but he some how always ends up chasing the kids on one of the little bikes!!!

If Andrew was to big for the hitch hiker...Kevin is way to big but it was funny trying to ride together!!!

Now that Hunter knows how to ride there are some great bike trails out here in Az. that we can take the kids for nice long family bike ride!!!

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Anonymous said...

What fun!! I have to admit I'm jealous it took me FOREVER to learn how to ride a bike. ;P