Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

We had a very fun filled week of Halloween parties and activities!

We started our week by taking the boys to the pumpkin patch!

Every Halloween we have a family Halloween camp out (in our family room) where we carve pumpkins, make Halloween crafts and watch movies!

This year the boys carved Angry Birds for their pumpkins...we found printable templates online!
We had several fun Halloween parties through out the week...the boys had a big Cub Scout Carnival, the Ward party, trick or treating with my friend Nona's family and of course ASU's big Boo Bash!

With so much candy I asked the boys if they wanted to sell back their candy and they decided to keep a little and sell the rest. So the day after Halloween the boys and I went to Robinson Orthodontics where the host an annual Halloween candy buy back! They buy the candy back from the kids by the pound and than match how much money you get they donate to your school. With all the candy they buy back they than donate to the troops over seas.
It is a total Win Win for end up with a little candy and a lot of cash...their school gets donations and our troops are well thought of!

It was a fun Halloween and now my kids are prepared to spend their $$$$


Cami said...

I love the angry birds jack-o-lanterns! Stephen would have ben so exited if we did that to ours. Looks like you had a fun month!

Grama said...

What fun!! Love the jack-o-lanterns! What great memories!