Monday, March 23, 2009

Daddy's Matter Too!

Last night Kevin gave a family home evening lesson on family responsibility's. He asked the boys "what do daddy's do?" they answered: go to work and give blessings. He than asked "what do mommy's do?" they answered: cook us food, clean our clothes, teach us things, play with us, help us with our prayers, gives us baths, fixes things and my favorite Parker said I fix the pillows on the couches.

Afterwards Kevin said to "gosh I guess they don't think I do much for them." I told him Daddy's matter too!

The boys are with me all day they see everything I do for them. I think they misunderstood the question, I think they thought he meant what are Daddy's and Mommy's jobs.Kevin is a great husband and father, he does thing for them that I don't think they realize. He always makes Andrews school lunch every morning, he helps him with his homework cause I hate homework. Most of the time Kevin is giving them baths so I can get breakfast ready. He reads the scriptures to them in the morning. He gets them ready for church so I can get myself ready. He teaches them how to catch a baseball and there's always Daddy's special Star Wars toys that he pulls out and plays with them.

Kevin has always been a hands on father. I don't produce breast milk, so when ever are babies woke up in the middle of the night he would take it upon himself to feed them. I would always tell him to wake me up so he could sleep since he had to work and you know what he would always tell "when do you get a break". He always helps around the house without being asked. Just the other day while I was grocery shopping I came home to the dishes being done, the beds made and the laundry put away. He knew I was planning on doing it but did it for me. That's the one thing as father he has been teaching our boys that "it's not just Mommy's job, Daddy's do it too!" What a great example he is on what a father and husband should be. Daddy's matter too!

I know my boys see the thing he does for me as well as them, they love him and I love him and he does more than bring home a paycheck. Daddy's matter too!


The Fergy Bunch said...

Dad has always been a great roll model for us and I'm so glad our husbands are too! David also gets up with the kids and does everything in his power to give me breaks and be my Superman. We have great husbands!

Tera said...

What a sweet husband. This post must have made him feel so good. you sound like you are truly help mates to eachother!

Sunflourmom said...

The greatest thing a husband can do for his children is to love their mother...and your boys see that in their daddy everyday in so many ways. All of our grandchildren have been blessed with very, very special daddies. And mommies too! :)

Anonymous said...

I agree, Daddy's matter too!