Monday, March 2, 2009

What Happens If...

What happens if there's no rocks?
What happens if we stay asleep?
What happens if Satan was good?
What happens if we go to jail?
What happens if there's no food?
What happens if cops go to jail?
What happens if there was no Sun?
What happens if there's no cats?
What happens if you touch a bee?

These are a few of the frequently asked questions by my very own Curious George. I know it is very important to always talk with my kids, I want them to always feel they can come to me and I will listen and not give them the Yea, Huh answers. I'll tell you what it's not always easy sometimes I just want to yell I don't know but I never do cause I know he's just curious and I have to get creative. Good communication with my kids is something I pray very hard for cause in the end if they feel they can't talk to you they will find someone else to listen and that person might not have the best influence. And besides Hunter is so darn cute why wouldn't I want to hear what he has to say, cause his What Happens If... never repeat themselves!


The Fergy Bunch said...

I agree, they are only curious and it is hard sometimes when thier questions seem never ending but it's so worth it to just listen because sometimes in the middle of all thier questions they say something that is profound! One day they will grow out of the questions phase and will get busy with life and we will miss all those questions we can't answer!

Vickie said...

Those are great questions :). I like to turn them around and ask my kids what they think would happen. They come up with some pretty hilarious answers.

Anonymous said...

Haven't gotten there yet, but I how McKayla's much happier, even when I just pretend I know what she's saying or take a guess at it. It is really important for children to know they can talk to their parents!

Sunflourmom said...

What is really so sweet is that they think you DO know all the answers! Eleanor Roosevelt (I think) once said that the best gift to give a child is a curiosity in the world around them. So true! And they are so darn cute!!! Just love my grandkids!!!

Tera said...

Oh yes, I've been through this with my kids too! I remember with Lauren finally turning to her and saying after the hundredth why "why do you think Lauren?" and then she'd come up with an answer and move on! I think there is nothing wrong either with telling your kids, "you know what? that's a good question, mommy will find out and let you know" and then if it's a silly question, it will give you time to come up with a silly answer and if it is a deep question . . . hello interent!