Saturday, March 21, 2009


Parker is our youngest, he is 3 years old. When we first found out that we were having a 3rd boy Kevin and I said he is going to be mild compared to his crazy older brothers. Well that was an understatement. Parker has always been able to hold his own against his brothers as well as instigate.

Once when he was about 18 months old we had just gotten home from church, as Kevin and I were changing our clothes we here the boys crying in the family. We went in and asked the older two why they were fighting, there reply as they were both crying "Parker did it!" We never figured out what he did to put his brothers in tears but it must of been good.

When ever he and his brothers are racing and they win he announces so proud of himself "I lose" at least he has a positive outlook on things.

Having three boys I try to stop all the potty talk that happens with boys. I prefer they say I passed gas as opposed to the other, (and I know I'm fighting a uphill battle). So when Parker passes gas he says "Oh I have a tiny poop pop".

One of the things Parker is known for is puckering up his lips for a kiss when he gets in trouble, like that's going to work. But it is hard to resist.

Up until 3 weeks ago he would say, "I not a big boy, I baby." His brothers would try and convince him otherwise and he reply "my mommy says I can be a baby." Which was true I was an enabler.

I love that while having older brothers he has taken on his ow little personality so happy, stubborn, and crazy at times. I could not imagine life with out our little Parker we love this little character so much.


Anonymous said...

He sure is a cute little tank. And his facial expressions get me every time.

Sunflourmom said...

I just love that cutie patutie!!!

Erin Noel said...

Yeah the primary always tells us how he makes funny faces. When they sing for sharing time he covers his ears and sticks his tongue out.

The Fergy Bunch said...

I love it! He is such a character! LOL =)

Tera said...

Oh my gosh, I laughed out loud when I read about his "poop pop". That was hilarious! I think I may just have to steal that phrase! He sounds like he'd have fun with my Jake!